21 Januar 2008

Louisiana State Champion

My first running title, earned yesterday when I won The “WALL” Louisiana State 30K Championship in a time of 2:23:08, the slowest female state champion since 1981, but I won and that’s what counts.
There was a strong head wind all over the first half of the race that definitely slowed everybody down, but helped me personally to keep my pacing strategy of running a 7:45/mile pace the first half. With that wind I simply wasn’t able to run any faster, but sped up and finished strong, leaving a very good and confident feeling about running Boston.
There was no competition at all yesterday, the second woman finished almost 5 minutes behind me and I ran by myself for a long time.
With 13 weeks of training left I’m pretty sure I can achieve the 3:20 goal, even though the race will be longer and there will be hills, but it won’t be hot or humid and I’ll be tapered and rested, a thing that I didn’t do at all for this race. There will also be a lot more runners around me to keep me motivated and probably pushing me a bit more than yesterday where after the first half I knew it was almost impossible not to win the whole thing.

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running_marcus hat gesagt…

2:23h für 30km ist so langsam nicht :-)
Und es ist die platzierung die zählt, nicht die Zeit! Du schaffst die 3:20h bestimmt! Good luck, Marcus