21 Januar 2008

The "WALL" Louisiana State 30K Championship

I ran and won The “WALL” Louisiana State 30K Championship in the morning and we met a friend, Rachel, that we know from California at the race. That was totally random and a very pleasant surprise. They had free beer at the race but the food was bad and the weather was still very cold, so we went to Denny’s for lunch together and chatted for a while.
Jon and I had to drop off the rental car at the airport, take the airport shuttle back to New Orleans and check into our new hotel, the Hilton near the convention center, where we’re staying till Friday. The purpose of this whole trip is the AMS weather conference that Jon has to attend and his employer is paying for all his expenses.
After getting our room and a nice hot shower we went out and walked around in downtown New Orleans again, had dinner at a brew house and my obligatory post-race margarita at a bar.
I was very tired from the long race, so we went back to the hotel and to bed very early, around 8 o’clock.
The hotel doesn’t have free internet, so I have to go to the convention center and sit in the lobby with the laptop to get the WiFi for free.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Glueckwunsch Kerstin!!! Und noch einen schoenen restlichen "Urlaub"!
LG Kerstin

Jassi hat gesagt…

Ich bin begeistert von deinen Erfolgen! Sag' mal, wann bist DU eigentlich angefangen zu laufen? Schon immer und erst seit einiger Zeit bei langen Rennen oder erst seit einigen Jahren?
Noch viel Spaß in New Orleans und alles Gute!