01 Januar 2008

Intervalle im Neuen Jahr

I ran my 2x(4×800m) intervals today as my plan suggested.
As they were only run at 10k pace I had no problem finishing all of them.
It actually felt pretty good to be back on the track after I had not gone there the whole December.
When I first got there some girls were riding their bikes on the track, but they didn’t bother me and left soon. Another woman walked around the track for quite a while – she was still walking when I left – and she tried to ask me how many laps to go for a mile. As I was running my interval at that time she had to wait another lap before I could tell her that it’s four.
I really can’t see how anybody would drive to and enjoy walking on the track, but I guess that’s just what some people do…
Anyway, my run went very well and I was surprised how fast the time went by. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember how many miles total I had to run, so I did 11 total instead of 10, but I could just go a mile less tomorrow if I want to.

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Intervals on new year's day are good stuff! ;-)