02 Januar 2008


It got cold today! I ran with a warm shirt, long tights, gloves and a hat in the morning and did the same on the bike in the afternoon. I can’t believe how cold it was. We even had to turn the furnace on in our house, for the first time since we moved in in June.
For Shelly it was good that it was so cold. She had to run a mile in 10 minutes which she had just barely accomplished on Monday. Today her instructor was there to take the official time and due to the cold she was able to run the whole time and do the mile in 9:42 with me pacing her.
I also worked a lot today, went cold calling with Ashley and got my spreadsheet updated. That took a long time, but now I’m back on track.
After running with Shelly Jon and I made a good hot stoup – thicker than soup and thinner than stew – that warmed us up pretty good and I went back to work. It’s been a busy day today.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hallo Schwester!
Hab schon mehrmals versucht anzurufen... naja, jetzt wirds erstmal nichts, wir fahren ja am Samstag in den Skiurlaub!! (So viel zu "kalt" ;-) )
Sind unsere Geschenke schon angekommen?? Ich hoffe, ihr habt's überhaupt verstanden, es sind Geschenke von Amazon, also die Päckchen bitte annehmen!!
Liebe Grüße,