03 Januar 2008


Not only cold, but windy, ugly, dark and some raindrops. This was definitely no typical Florida day and the cold was the main topic on small talk among most businesses I went to with Ashley.
We worked until 2 or so today and after updating everything at home I went out shopping to get some groceries and utilities, although I was neither very efficient nor successful.
The first store, Dollar General wouldn’t take credit cards and there was no ATM available, so I had to leave everything that had taken me a long time to pick behind and went to the next place. They didn’t really have what I wanted and while I was browsing their crammed shelves suddenly the power went out and everybody stood in the dark. It didn’t make any more sense to stay there, because I couldn’t see anything and the check-out would of course not work either.
Police was controlling traffic, as the traffic lights were out of power, too but fortunately Publix and the Dollar Store still had power and I was able to get all the groceries I needed and some of the other stuff.
It was already after five when I started driving back home, I was hungry, tired and cold and when I came home Jon wasn’t even back with the truck yet so I decided not to go to the barn today but just start cooking dinner with Jon who came home shortly after me.

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