19 Januar 2008

Winter in New Orleans

The day before a longer race is supposed to be a day of rest and carbo-loading to gain all the strength I can for running – in this case – 30 km.
This worked very well in the morning. We had a big breakfast in the hotel and because it was raining, windy and cold we went right back to bed, watch TV and just relaxed.
Finally the movie, Bridget Jones: The edge of reason, was over and the rain had stopped, so I went running to see a bit of the city. We’ve been to New Orleans before in April, but I didn’t really run in the town.
It was pretty neat running through the French Quarter, along the Mississippi and down Canal Street. It was still cold and windy, but I was wearing gloves and didn’t get too cold as I was running pretty quick.
The problem about the rest thing was that we needed to eat and do some shopping but didn’t want to drive around. Parking is almost impossible and driving is a pain in the butt, too.
So we did a lot of walking today, had lunch and went to the Riverwalk Marketplace, a nice indoor mall where I found out about a cooking class that I’m planning on taking on Tuesday.
We didn’t find the stuff we were looking for there, so we kept walking to Canal Street where we had more success and back to the hotel.
Pretty soon it was time for supper, so we walked again, down Bourbon Street to find a restaurant where I could get pasta.
I hope all this walking didn’t screw me up too bad for the race and my legs won’t be tired tomorrow, but I know one thing for sure: It will neither be hot nor humid and the race is 6.2 miles shorter than a marathon, so I should be ok. I’m not hoping to win anyway and I made the resolution to stick with my pace at least throughout the first half. If I’m still feeling good after ten miles I can still speed up. I have no idea who else is running tomorrow, so I just set a 2:30 goal which should be achievable.


Anja Ridlberg hat gesagt…

Oh, Ihr seid in New Orleans - jetzt bin ich aber ein bisschen neidisch. Wünsche Dir einen klasse Lauf - aber Du machst das ja sowieso.

Kerstin hat gesagt…

Jon hat hier eine Wetterkonferenz und da hab ich mich einfach mal angehaengt, weil ich New Orleans sowieso klasse finde. Und wenn wir irgendwo sind suchen wir auch immer irgendein Rennen aus bei dem wir mitmachen koennen. Ich bin ja mal gespannt!