13 Januar 2008

Nichts los am Sonntag

We didn’t get much done today, it was one of these calmer Sundays that go by so fast and you don’t know where all the hours went.
In the morning I called my parents to make last arrangements before we pick them up from the airport in Orlando on Tuesday evening. They’ll be snowbirds living with us for a while and I can’t wait to see them because it’s been a year since we’ve last met.
My weekly long run, 18 miles today, was not fun because I had to do it alone – Jon’s toe is still broken – and I didn’t feel very good, was tired and cranky. When I finally got it done I took a shower and a much needed nap right away.

I always like to go to Waffle House after a long run, so we hit the one in Cocoa Beach and went shopping for groceries and a new vacuum cleaner in the afternoon.
I haven’t tried it out yet, that can wait until tomorrow but have just been playing around on the internet, hanging out on the couch and relaxing after a busy week. It’s definitely nice to get some rest before the next adventure starts!

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