07 Januar 2008


In the morning I went to Carole’s house to do some informal training with her and meet Jeremy, the other new agent she’s responsible for. He’s a funny guy with five kids who’s working at his dad’s insurance office.
To get my Monday recovery swim in I went to the base, ran three miles and used the pool in the fitness center. I was glad that it has warmed up again and the pool is heated. The sun came out while I was swimming and I found it very relaxing.
As I was already so close to the ocean I had lunch on the beach before I went back home to do some house cleaning and office work.
When I got to the barn later in the afternoon I noticed that I’d forgot the key to my tack closet so I borrowed a halter from Stephanie (well, I just took it, but put it back in its place) and went for a walk with Brownie. On the way back I climbed on his back and the plan was that he should carry me back to the barn. That worked pretty good for a while until he got scared by an old truck tire sitting on the side of the road and all of a sudden jumped to the other side. Riding bareback I couldn’t hold on and fell off him for the very first time. Although I fell on the hard street I didn’t get hurt seriously, but just bruised my hip and shoulder. We weren’t very far away so I continued walking with him. I also met Gwen who was walking Endre. We went back together and she told me everything she’d done with the horse the last few days. It seems that the arab really likes her new home.
I said good-bye to Shelly who’s leaving for boot camp tomorrow and called Jon on the way home to give him cooking instructions. We cooked dinner and spend some time together before I went back to do some more office work.

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