31 Dezember 2007


I can’t believe that we went swimming at the outdoor pool in Cocoa Beach today. It was 74, so not really hot, but still warm enough to get a 30 minute recovery swim in. Jon couldn’t swim that long with his broken toe, but it’s healing very good.
We were also able to go for a little 30 minute bike ride in Rockledge in the morning and his foot felt fine. I really like working out with him and him looked so hot in his cycling shorts!
After swimming we had sandwiches on the beach for lunch and went grocery shopping before he dropped me off at the high school track.
Shelly was supposed to run a mile in 10 minutes there as a test for the army and needed my support. Before she got there I ran 2.25 miles by myself to get my own run in. Unfortunately her instructor never showed up although she tried to call him on his cell phone several times.
We ran the four laps around the track anyway and she managed to run the mile in 10 minutes, but was very exhausted after that. She’s just starting to run and I am really encouraging her because I believe that she can be a great runner once she stops smoking, starts eating healthier and of course gets used to running a little more.
She drove me home and there was a sick cat sitting in our driveway. We tried to take him to the vet because he had a nasty infected wound on his leg and his eyes were also messed up pretty bad, but the vet’s office was closed and the next emergency office was too far away. While we were gone Jon talked to the neighbors and found out that it is a straying cat that they are feeding. They had talked to the humane society about the cat before and are going to call them again. Straying pets are a big problem in our area and this cat wasn’t even fixed. I see him all the time just lying on the street. I think his time is almost over.
For now, the cat just walked away and Shelly went home.
We’re going to spend New Year’s Eve with her boyfriend Jeremy and her over at their place where Brownie is boarded. We’ll have a bonfire and maybe some firecrackers. I think it would be cool to go to the beach at midnight, but we’ll see what happens. Their neighbors are also having a bigger party, so we might end up there.

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Scarlett O'Hasi hat gesagt…

Congratulations to Shelly!
To run a mile in 10 minutes is quite an accomplishment if you're not used to running.
Well done!