04 Januar 2008

Mixy & Ruby

Stephanie brought two of her horses over from Michigan. They are appaloosas, too as all the other horses in the barn and they’ll both be 3 years old this spring. Today I saw them for the first time when I came to the barn to clean Brownie’s pen and ride him for an hour.
I rode Brownie for an hour on the neighbor’s property, because I was just too lazy to put the easy boots on and didn’t really want to have him walk on the road.I kept riding all over that 4 acre place that is mostly cleared of the jungle.
When I got back Stephanie was there and some people who just bought Mixy, so there’s really just one more horse right now. We’ll have another boarder this weekend though.
With the two horses she’d also brought 44 bales of hay from Michigan because it’s much cheaper there and as we’ll be going to use the trailer tomorrow to go on a trail ride we had to take 34 of these bales out and stack them in the feed and tack room. That was a strenuous piece of work, but we got it done all by ourselves!

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