30 Januar 2008


Not many different things on Tuesday, but the one big thing took almost the whole day.
As I was meeting Ashley and Ray at 7:15am, I didn’t work out in the morning, just had breakfast with my parents before we left for Oviedo.
The FLEX class wasn’t near as boring as our instructor, Doug, had told us and we met many people who we hadn’t seen for a while. The only problem was that it took so long. We started at nine and kept going – there were break, of course – until 4:30pm. I had expected to be out of there by four, but Doug kept going and going.
Anyway, when we finally got out and back to Ray’s house it was time for me to rush to Palm Bay to participate in Dave’s 5k fun run. I almost didn’t find it but a nice lady at a gas station told me the way.
The run was fun and talking to the other runners, Dave and Joe, who is a crazy ultra marathoner.
After they left I ran another 7.5 miles to complete my milage for the day and stopped at Taco Bell on the way home to get some food.
Jon and my parents were worried when I came home at 9:15 because my phone was dead and I hadn’t been able to call them, but they were also glad that I was back.
What a long day!

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