12 Januar 2008

Florida Cowboys

After running my eight miles early in the morning Jon and I drove out to the barn where I cleaned up Brownie’s pen before we hit the road to go to a working cow horse show with Stephanie, Laura and her kids in Sarasota.
It was a long drive and as we were a party of seven and wouldn’t fit into Stephanie’s truck (or any other car that anybody of us owned) we went to her grandparents’ house in Kissimmee first to get their mini van so we could all ride together.
Unfortunately we missed the pro classes, but saw some of the better intermediate riders and than the green riders and horses.
It was very interesting and fun, another long, busy day and Jon took loads and loads of pictures of horses and cows, happy to have great motives for his camera.
I can’t believe we drove five hours to see some horses, but even the long drive was part of the fun and we all had a good time.

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