04 Februar 2008


We slept longer than usual and after breakfast my parents, Jon and I went to the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge where I ran my 20 mile long run and Jon and my parents went hiking. It was very warm and we hardly had enough water, but it was still nice. I’m finding it easier now than last year to run 20 miles. They don’t wear me out as much as they used to and I’m also running faster.
When I got done we went to Waffle House in Titusville and back home to get ready for the Super Bowl Party that Jon and I attended at one of his co-worker’s house. There was way to much food at the party and we really got stuffed. Unfortunately our hosts were Patriots fans, so they weren’t very happy about the result.
I don’t really care about football and they had a nice soft couch, so I fell asleep once talking died down and everybody was just watching the game.

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