27 Januar 2008

Tosohatchee State Preserve

I didn’t ride Brownie all week because we were in New Orleans, but before I even got back home Stephanie called and asked if I was up for a trail ride in Christmas on Saturday.
Of course I was!
So we met in the morning, loaded up three horses – Pattie for Stephanie, Roy for Bailey and Brownie for me – and went to a park with miles and mile of nice grassy and sandy trails.
We rode through a huge variety of landscapes: jungle, swamp, pine forest, and flatwood prairie just to name the most common.
And even though we let the horses run real fast once and had to ride through mud and water, I didn’t lose a single easy boot.
After the ride the horses got to eat some grass before we went back home.
It was a fun ride and so nice to be carried and being out in the jungle instead of all the walking in New Orleans (that was a lot of fun also, but very different).

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Spotted_T_Apps hat gesagt…

hehe, Brownie looks like he's posing for a halter horse picture in a magazine!